Curriculum / Early Years Foundation Stage

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At Acornwood we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework. The framework has seven areas of learning:

3 Prime Areas:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development – Supporting children to build relationships, build self- confidence, share and take turns.
  • Communication and Language – supporting children’s listening, attention, understanding and speaking skills.
  • Physical Development – supporting children’s movement, handling of tools, equipment, health and self- care.


These are especially important areas for children under 3. We complete 2 year checks on children before their third birthdays.

And 4 Specific Areas:

    • Literacy – supporting reading and writing.

    • Mathematical Development – supporting children’s development in numbers, shapes, space and measurements.

    • Understanding of the World – supporting learning about people, their local community, the world around them and technology.

    • Expressive Art and Design – supporting children to explore different materials and media to create and to use their imagination in play.

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The children explore and learn through play using resources and equipment that are easily accessible for child initiated play. Staff support and add to child initiated play to aid a child's progression. Staff plan adult led activities and learning experiences using the children’s interests.


Planning is differentiated to ensure all of the children reach their full potential including those with SEN or EAL.