At Acornwood Pre-School we aim to achieve the following goals:

  • To provide every child with a safe and stimulating environment where they can develop mentally, physically and emotionally to their full potential.

  • Actively encourage parental involvement in our pre-school.

  • Provide a high adult/child ratio.

  • To view all children as individuals.

  • To promote equal opportunities for children and adults.

  • To celebrate every child’s achievement, however small.

  • To provide a differentiated curriculum to meet the needs of all levels of development, through observation, assessment and planning.

  • To view all parents as partners as they are, of course, the child’s primary educators.

To provide every child with a smooth transition from home to pre-school and eventually onto their chosen primary school.
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Key Person System

At Acornwood we operate a key person system. Each member of staff is key person to a group of children. Parents and children will be introduced to their key person at the beginning of their involvement with the pre-school. The key person will ensure that the needs of each child are recognised within the pre-school so that the curriculum can be devised to meet these needs. The key person does not shadow your child throughout the session or liase only with their group of children, but will observe and keep records of your child’s progress.

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If there is a problem at home, which may be affecting your child, please feel free to come and talk to your child's key person in confidence at any time. The key person will develop a day-to-day rapport with parents, informing them of any problems which arise. We will help with toileting as necessary and provide for the emotional needs of your child e.g. to comfort and reassure in times of distress.